I offer individual weekly counselling sessions, each 50 minutes long. The number of sessions depends on client’s preferences and it is discussed during the initial session and later when the sessions are reviewed. I believe meeting every week helps to work more effectively on issues.

My practice is supported by use of diagnostics tools like mood questionnaires. Questionnaires help to make sense of your presenting problems/concerns and your pathway into therapy. Diagnostic tools help also to track your progress and illustrate how much have been done throughout therapy.

What to expect?

Initial consultation: 

On the first session I will ask you few questions about yourself and how you think I would be able to help you. Not knowing answers to the questions is completely fine. I will also tell you how I work with my clients and the basic rules which guide my practice. Attending an initial session places you under no obligation to attend any further sessions but further sessions will be offered if appropriate.

Further in the therapeutic relationship we could talk about your concerns, difficulties or something that angers you. We might explore your dreams, phantasies and any other images that come to your mind. Sometimes you might talk more about past, at the other times you can concentrate on the present. I could propose some CBT exercises that you might take home and work on between the sessions. We might do short mindfulness mediation to relieve symptoms of stress or anxiety. I might guide you in exploring where in your body uncomfortable feelings are based and how to shift them. During the sessions I will ask you questions and help to make some interpretations about where the difficulties might steam form.

Who can benefit?

I specialise in working with anxiety, depression, narcissistic character disturbances, bereavement, trauma and creative process. I am experienced working with intercultural issues like immigration, family separation and adjusting to the new socio – cultural environment.

 I am happy to work with eating disorders, people who live with abuse or left abusive relationships, anger, emotional distress, health related issues, addiction, sexuality and obsessive compulsive disorder.

I have experience in coaching people who would like to preform better at work or think about changing something in their professional sphere.

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