If you’re thinking about starting therapy, here are the most frequently asked questions people ask when seeking a therapist.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a relationship between a person who is looking to improve their mental health and a qualified professional capable of facilitating a safe space for this process to occur.

How long it will take?

The length of the therapy depends on many factors, but it could be as short as 6 sessions or as long as a few years.

What should I expect from therapy sessions?

During the first session you might be asked to answer some simple questions about yourself and also to fill out some mood questionnaires. The sessions are always based on what you would like to talk about at the time. I might ask you questions, make connections between the things you say, help you to understand your dreams, enable you to think about your feelings and emotions. 

Will you give me any advice?

I will not give you any advice. I will reflect on how you feel or what you think, ask you questions, make connection between things you have said in the past and present, help you to sit with your feelings. If needed I might refer you to different services that might help you.

How much does each session cost?

Therapeutic hour lasts for 50 minutes and it cost £45.

Do you offer any therapy for small children?

No, I do not offer therapy to children below 12 years of age.

Do you offer therapy in different languages?

I offer therapy in Polish and English.

What modality do you work in?

I am an integrative counsellor.  That means I use different techniques while working with clients. I use psychodynamic and person centred approaches in my work. The psychodynamic approach concentrates on working with your past and unconscious drives. A person centred approach focuses on the present and the internal tendencies towards healing.  

Do you offer counselling through Skype, home visits, telephone?

I like to work face-to-face which is my normal way of seeing clients. I also understand that clients might be very busy, travel or suffer from some health issues, so there is a possibility we may arrange sessions through the Skype or phone. In general, I ask for at least 80% of our sessions to happen face to face.

What If I will need drugs?

The talking therapy might be aided by use of drugs sometimes. Tooting Medical Centre has a variety of private health professionals who might help with prescribing the right medication.

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